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There are many English schools in Vancouver, Canada. However, like many other destinations for international students, Vancouver has good English schools and bad English schools.

Your time is important, so you need to find a well managed English school before applying for admission. We hope that this information can help you select a language school that suits your needs.



Selecting an English School


English Classroom Observations:

If space is available, good English schools will allow you to observe a class for at least half a day before you apply. This is a good way to become familiar with the school. If the staff at a school refuses to allow you to observe a class, they are probably not confident in their ability to offer satisfactory training.

English School Affiliations:

Although affiliation with a professional association does not guarantee good service, it does indicate that a school is making an effort to become a good member of the educational community. Poorly managed English schools do not usually have many professional affiliations. Here are some associations that English schools in Vancouver might belong to:

Canadian Association of Private Language Schools (CAPLS)

Teachers of English as an Additional Language (TEAL)

Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL)

Canadian Education Centres (CEC) Network

Tourism Vancouver


School Size:

Although some small English schools are well managed, they cannot offer many levels and elective courses. Larger schools also tend to have more leisure activities, better homestay programs, and superior facilities. Generally speaking, bigger is better.

Non-Traditional Programs:

Some charitable organizations, churches, and private tutors offer English as a Second Language training. They sometimes offer low fees. Students should always consider the quality of the classroom instruction before applying to an English school.

Misleading Advertising:

Some tutors and small English schools in Vancouver distribute lists that compare the fees and class sizes of other schools. These lists are not usually accurate and might include information that has been intentionally manipulated. The only way to obtain accurate information about an English school is to contact the school directly.


Studying at Vancouver English Centre (VEC)

VEC Elective Courses

English Pronunciation Courses
English Listening Courses
Business English Courses
English Business Grammar Courses
Preparation for Business English
TOEFL Preparation Courses
TOEIC Preparation Courses
English Writing Courses>
English Through Music and Drama Course
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Language is Culture Course
Survival English Course

Special Programs

The Vacation Study Program combines morning classes with afternoon sightseeing and leisure activities.  At least one sightseeing activity is usually offered each weekend. 
Internship + English

The Business Internship Program is a Super-Intensive Program for ambitious students and professionals who want to personally experience the Canadian business environment. Although this course emphasizes business skills, it is beneficial to anyone who uses English in their workplace.

EFL / TESL Programs

Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language This course is for people with little or no experience teaching languages.  The focus is on teaching English to adults in a practical, efficient manner. 

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate Program
The Vancouver English Centre EFL Certificate Program is for people are serious about a career in teaching.  It focuses on teaching English to adults in a practical, efficient manner.


Studying English In Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver English Centre encourages English language students from all over the world to enjoy a cultural immersion experience in Canada.  Although we normally have students from up to 30 different countries, we constantly try to improve the diversity of our student body.  Thus, we frequently offer scholarships to students from specific countries.



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